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Hand Stripping is a  process that produces amazing results, it keeps your dogs' coat in great weatherproof condition. No matter how much grooming you do with your Border Terrier it will still need some hand stripping

Under no circumstances should a Border be clipped with shears, this breaks the hair and leaves the coat and skin open to dirt and it is no longer waterproof, then you have to buy the dog a jacket to keep it warm and dry which kind of defeats the object of getting a dog with a natural all weather jacket.


phone or text   07811 454 602 to book an appointment

I give tuition in handstripping in individual workshops for those who wish to be able to strip their own dogs, bring a dog and or use one of ours whilst you learn the techniques, cost is £65 for the workshop to strip and learn. Some tools available to buy on the day to book an appointment phone or email me.

Please note I am based in Cheshire and have no idea where your local handstrippers might be if you don't live in my area. Try your local Border Terrier Club secretary or Border Terrier World.

Phi age 10