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Most dogs are fed a processed food diet by that I mean dried or alleged complete food, the result is that around 75% of the dog population are overweight or obese.  Common health problems in pets are diabetes and dental decay. Dogs now suffer from the same health complaints that humans have from eating a poor diet, heart disease, joint problems and behavioural difficulties.

Most owners think they are feeding quality healthy food and it's not until asked 'what is fresh or natural about your dogs food?' that they think about it. So GOOD is the social advertising they're convinced that processed junk food is healthy. The pet food industry is worth billions of dollars. Pet food makers can afford to spend lots on promoting (and misleading) their products to draw you into buying.  If it's a dried biscuit, 'so called' complete food, baked with additives, man made or messed with in any way for someone to make money then it's processed 'junk' food Including some of the alleged 'holistic' brands and the feeds that your vet might recommend.

My Vet Says I Must Feed Dried Food, Nothing else, no scraps and definately no HUMAN food. What would they say that for if it was bad for my dog???? Read the top paragraph again and ask yourself  WHO is benefiting from your dogs' illnesses??? Not that I really blame vets, after all they only know the information given to them by the Pet Food Industry, unless they have an enquiring mind.... Baby fledgling vets with no experience tend to be the most obnoxious and pushy about their 'learnings' regarding feeding. How  can it be ethical for vets to push processed food, which is known to cause serious physical and mental health problems in HUMANS, and then make money off YOU and the suffering of your pet.

Here are some of my favourite misdirection quotes,  some by vets, to stop you feeding good things like raw food and bones to your dog.

Bones will stick in your dogs throat, stomach, it will choke or need an operation to remove them. Well TRUE,...shock horror if you feed COOKED BONES, when do dogs cook their food??? What you're not being told here is about all the other things that get stuck and need fishing out of dogs mouths, throats and stomachs, like bits of plastic toys chewed instead of bones, I know of at least one dog that died after splitting it's gullet from swallowing whole a dog biscuit, dogs can choke on rawhide chews, a friend of mine had to have her dogs stomach opened up and then stapled back into place after the vet removed a soggy chew that attached itself to the dogs insides and caused a torsion.

Raw Bones keep your dogs teeth properly clean, how is it an option to have them cleaned under a potentially life threating  anaesthetic and if you don't believe me about anaesthetic being dangerous then ask yourself, what do you have to sign a disclaimer for accepting the potential risk of your pet dying whilst under anaesthetic.

Dogs shouldn't eat human food. Hilarious this when you read the ingredients on complete dog food. Things like rice appear on the list, rice is a man made 'human food' when did you last see a dog planting rice in a paddy field?? Beet Pulp!! (basically sugar) I can't think of a time when I've seen wild dogs on any programme stopping to add sugar to their wildebeast supper, in fact when do dogs grow any crops, cook their food or use a can opener???

Raw Food causes your dog to have worms. Really only raw food??? how come your processed fed dog is wormed monthly?

My all time favourite...You shouldn't feed raw as it gives them the taste for blood making them vicious, putting your children at risk.!!!

Very true the dog will get a taste for blood, the blood of cow, lamb, chicken, turkey, rabbit..see where I'm going with this? Unless you intend to start hunting children to chop up and feed to your dog it is not going to get the taste of human flesh and blood is it?  In my pofessional experience it is more likely for behavioural problems including agression to come out of a junk food diet .

By Janet Sykes MBIPDT

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