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Asplands Border Terriers | Training


You want your dog to be a well behaved family member just like one of the kids.

Somehow it's all just got out of control.  

Be Alpha you're told, what does that mean? you're not a dog.

Meanwhile you're tired of your dogs' antics.

For me it's all about your relationship with your dog not old school domination or bribery, it's an attitiude and a concept that's very effective in winning your dog's respect.

Whatever type of dog or problem at any age, my simple system works.

This is what you get when you have a life coach who knows people, dogs and behaviour.


Contact me to book a life changing appointment for You and Your Dog


Janet Sykes MBIPDT

text or phone 07811 454 602

all pics, photos, ideas, text and especially NLP for Dogs are very definately copyrighted and intellectual property of Janet Sykes MBIPDT Aug 2008

Dog Training made simple by Janet Sykes MBIPDT Experienced Professional Dog trainer

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